The Shawcast – S1 E4: Leadership, Strategy and Management

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Building an Everlasting Business

How and Can you Build an Everlasting Business?  Each episode in The Shawcast series Rob Davenport and Alex Gale will chat to a Shawston team mate, shareholder and other business leaders/entrepreneurs to discover how they engage, empower and encourage their employees to build a business that can be passed on through the generations.  How do you build a sustainable business model? What are the hurdles along the way? How does the business culture affect the future of a business?  And much more.  No script, just one-to-one chats and opinions. Shawston. Keeping the art of podcasts simple.

S1 E4: Leadership, Strategy and Management
The fourth episode of the Shawston Podcast features an interview with the recently appointed Group Managing Director, John Blackburn. It explores his decision to join Shawston, his views on leadership and colleague engagement, and the importance of having a clear vision. He also talks about the need for employees to be energised and motivated by their work, and how to create that culture of high performance in everyone.