We are the ONLY UK SUPPLIER to service Mechanical Services Contractors, Commercial Fire Sprinkler Contractors, Dry and Wet Riser Contractors, and Residential Fire Contractors.

“We make a delivery every 90 seconds”
We hold deep stock levels locally on the ground in our 5 UK nationwide depots - we do not use a central feeder depot unlike our competitors.  And we have our own national fleet of delivery vehicles.  Which all means we will get your goods to you next day, when you need it, where you need it, both on time and in full.

Shawston are the UK market leader supplying Mechanical Services Contractors, Commercial Fire Sprinkler Contractors, Dry and Wet Riser Contractors, and Residential Fire Contractors. Our business is built on the foundations of delivering unrivalled customer service and industry leading product quality.

With many Mechanical Services contractors branching out into the growing Fire Sprinkler market, Shawston are the only UK supplier that can deliver your mechanical and fire products on one delivery vehicle.

We are employee owned.  This means that each person you speak to or meet owns real shares in Shawston.  Their investment is not just a financial commitment, it is also a personal one, and it is what motivates every one of them to deliver levels of customer service yet to be matched or beaten within our industry.

This is our business.  We own it, which mean we can make all the decisions – locally and quickly.  We do not hesitate, and we are willing to take educated risks and make informed judgments where we need to.  The way we run the business reflects our individual and collective personalities.  We are up for it, day-in, day-out.  It is the way we have been every day for the past 20-years!

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Our Products and Markets

Mechanical Services

We are the largest specialist provider of traditional steel tube, fittings, valves and pipe supports for use in all types of major construction projects, such as HVAC systems and plant rooms.

Our broad product range in this sector helps engineers, site owners and contractors to solve the most complex of challenges. And our emphasis on quality control means you can rely on the products we supply to be fit for purpose and comply with stringent safety and building regulations.

*Manufactured exclusively at our FSC® certified wood fabrication facility in High Wycombe.


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