Shawston AAB – Adjustable Anchor Bracket


For Steel, Copper & Stainless Steel Pipes

The Shawston AAB Adjustable Anchor Bracket banks either 2 or 3 Split split bands on a set of steel cleat which can be adjusted for height and fall.

As a standard up to 54mm od bands will be powder coated, with larger sizes BZP for steel pipes or powder coated for copper and stainless steel.

Other band combinations are available upon request including brass, stainless steel and thicker profile steel bands.

Safety stops must be brazed or welded to the pipe wall to prevent the pipe from slipping if the clamps are insufficiently tightened.


  • Mild steel BZP finish.
  • High tensile BZP set screws.

For Use With:

Copper, steel and stainless steel pipes.

Special Features

Adjustable height and angle to facilitate fall in pipework.

CODE Pipe Size Band Material No of Bands Finish SWL (kN)
AAB(2)0151525 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0222225 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0282825 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0353525 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0424230 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0545430 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0221525 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0282025 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0352525 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0423225 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0404030 x 32Black Powder Coat2.0
AAB(2)0505030 x 32BZP2.0
AAB(3)0151525 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0222225 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0282825 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0353525 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0424230 x 33Black Powder Coat6.5
AAB(3)0545430 x 33Black Powder Coat6.5
AAB(3)0676730 x 33Black Powder Coat6.5
AAB(3)0767630 x 33Black Powder Coat6.5
AAB(3)10810840 x 33Black Powder Coat8.0
AAB(3)13313340 x 33Black Powder Coat8.0
AAB(3)15915940 x 33Black Powder Coat8.0
AAB(3)0221525 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0282025 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0352525 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0423225 x 33Black Powder Coat3.0
AAB(3)0404030 x 33Black Powder Coat6.5
AAB(3)0505030 x 33BZP6.5
AAB(3)0656530 x 33BZP6.5
AAB(3)0808030 x 33BZP6.5
AAB(3)10010040 x 33BZP8.0
AAB(3)12512540 x 33BZP8.0
AAB(3)15015040 x 33BZP8.0