FX Support Feet – Low level containment supports

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The FX range is a practical and versatile support solution for pipework and cable trays. They can also be used for smaller outdoor condensing units or air source heat pump installations. The feet have a 41mm x 21mm pre-galvanised channel recessed into the top face allowing you to use standard strut fixings to secure your services to the feet.

Our FX range of products are made from recycled SBR rubber, making them eco-friendly. They also have the added advantage of vibration noise absorption which makes them the ideal product for roof or ground level installations.

Material Specification

The rubber is milled, sieved and graded styrene butadiene rubber (black SBR) in reclaimed truck/ lorry tyre shred and granular form. Bound together using a 8% ratio of moisture curing polyurethane pre-polymer UV resistant recycled rubber.

Working Conditions

Range: -35°c to +80°c

CODE Description Max Load Per Foot KG’S Height






Weight Per Foot KG’S
RTSFX250FX 250 + Channel 95H x 180W x 250L160951802502.5
RTSFX400FX 400 + Channel 95H x 180W x 400L240951804004.5
RTSFX500FX 500 + Channel 95H x 180W x 500L400951805004.75
RTSFX500HFX 500 High @150 + Channel 150H x 160W x 530L4001501605309
RTSFX600FX 600 + Channel 95H x 180W x 600L450951806008.15
RTSFX600HFX 600 High @200 + Channel 200H x 230W x 610L45020023061018.2
RTSFX1000FX 1m + Channel 95H x 180W x 1000L64595180100012.2
RTSFX250LFX 250 Low + Channel 50H x 180W x 250L160501302501.5
RTSFX400LFX 400 Low + Channel 50H x 180W x 400L240501304002.46