ANTI VIBRATION – Strips / Pads & Slabs

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Walkway Tiles and Anti-Vibration Mats are made from recycled SBR rubber, making them eco-friendly. They also have the added advantage of vibration noise absorption which makes them the ideal product for roof or ground level installations.

These products have gained a world wide reputation in the field of vibration control and are used in many industries to isolate vibration, protect equipment from the effects of shock and reduce noise levels.

There are 10 designs and thicknesses of anti vibration products consisting of tiles, pads and slabs.

Material Specification

The rubber is milled, sieved and graded styrene butadiene rubber (black SBR) in reclaimed truck/ lorry tyre shred and granular form. Bound together using a 8% ratio of moisture curing polyurethane pre-polymer UV resistant recycled rubber.

Working Conditions

Suitable for internal and external applications at temperatures: -35°c to +80°c.

All dimensions +/- 2mm.Weight per unit +/- 3%.

CODE Description
RTSCOMBI16 Vibro Strip 1m x 75mm x 15mm
RTSCOMBI17 Vibro Pad 1m x 500mm x 30mm (2 x Steel plates inserted)
RTSCOMBI18 Vibro Pad 600mm x 150mm x 30mm (1 x Steel plate inserted)
RTSCOMBI50 Vibro Slab 1m x 1m x 50mm
RTSCOMBI51 Vibro Pad 1m x 500mm x 50mm
RTSCOMBI52 Vibro Pad 1.2m x 155mm x 50mm
RTSCOMBI53 Vibro Slab 1m x 162mm x 162mm
RTSCOMBI54 Vibro Sheet 1m x 1m x 6mm
RTSCOMBI55 Vibro Sheet 500mm x 500mm x 6mm
RTSCOMBI56 Vibro Sheet 600mm x 600mm x 6mm