AX3 (SPE) Stainless Pipe Ends


AX3 (SPE) Axial Bellows

Designed to accept linear expansion on steel and copper pipe systems.

Working Conditions:

  • Pressure: Standard 10 Bar (Up to 16 Bar – dependant on PED Conditions)
  • Temperature: 120 OC
  • Test: 5x Working

PED Requirements

All bellows supplied by Shawston are manufactured and certified in accordance with EU PED legislation and as such carry the relevant CE certification where required.

The anchor loads generated by using this type of axial expansion compensator are high. It is worth keeping in mind the type of pipework bracketry that will be used. A guide bracket with a low frictional resistance should be used.

Please note these units are not suitable for use on a drop rod system and need to be suitably guided. Please contact Shawston Technical Department for positioning of anchors and subsequent support centres.

Key Features:

  • Requires full guiding.
  • Available for any temperature or pressure.
  • Supplied with CE certs where applicable.
  • Internal flow liner as standard.
  • Bellows are pre-cold drawn.
CODE Size (mm) Axial Compression (mm) Installed Length Effective Area CM2 Force To Compress N/mm