2 & 4 Hour Rated Collars

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Intumescent Firestop Collars provide a simple and effective method of firestopping pipework where it passes through compartment walls and floors.
Tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 20 and EN 1366-3 Collars will provide up to 4 hours fire protection.

Product Features and Benefits:

• Simple to install.
• Water resistant.
• Maintenance free.
• Available to suit pipe size ranges from 32mm to 355mm*

* 2 Collars, one either side of the wall must be used on Plasterboard Walls.

Suitable Wall and Floor Construction:
Plasterboard Partition**, Concrete, Blockwork or Brick Walls and Floors.
** For sizes larger than 200mm please contact our sales team
for further advice.

Suitable for use with:
suitable for ABS up to 55mm.

CODE Description Box Qty.

2 Hour Rating

PFPFC032/230/32mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated40
PFPFC038/238/40mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated32
PFPFC055/255mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated75
PFPFC063/263mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated60
PFPFC075/275mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated50
PFPFC082/282mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated40
PFPFC090/290mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated35
PFPFC110/2110mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated40
PFPFC125/2125mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated25
PFPFC160/2160mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated14
PFPFC200/2200mm Fire Collar 2 Hour Rated10

Large Palm Type Collars

PFPFC275/3275mm Fire Collar 3 Hour Rated2
PFPFC300/3300mm Fire Collar 3 Hour Rated1
PFPFC315/3315mm Fire Collar 3 Hour Rated1
PFPFC355/1355mm Fire Collar 1 Hour Rated1

4 Hour Rating

PFPFC032/430/32mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated40
PFPFC038/438/40mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated32
PFPFC055/455mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated75
PFPFC063/463mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated60
PFPFC075/475mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated50
PFPFC082/482mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated40
PFPFC090/490mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated35
PFPFC110/4110mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated40
PFPFC125/4125mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated25
PFPFC160/4160mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated14
PFPFC200/4200mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated10
PFPFC225/4225mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated2
PFPFC250/4250mm Fire Collar 4 Hour Rated2