Part 5: Everlasting Shawston

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“…there is definite change in the air.” Rob Davenport

The last in our 5 part series of The Shawcast focuses on Rob’s view of the future and how #Shawston will play a big part in that future. 

It’s worth noting that The Shawcast was recorded before the onset of the global pandemic. We can draw many parallels from the recording with regards to the impact the pandemic has had on the economy and peoples #mentalhealth with similar issues faced in the last UK recession. 

As co-owners of #Shawston we have all pulled together to protect our people, our families, our customers and our suppliers throughout this rollercoaster of a year.  Hold on tight to your strength over the next couple of months whilst we wait for the change to take place.

One thing is key, at this present time there is definite change in the air, the vaccine is here and the roll out programme has started. #staystrong

Enjoy reading the last chapter in The Shawcast series.  We really enjoyed recording and producing the series and the editorials for you to download and view.

You can view Chapter 5 of The Shawcast here.

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