Melissa East

Head of Central Purchasing

After studying Accountancy at college Melissa found herself in the usual catch 22 situation of being qualified academically, but with no business-related experience; a position many students find themselves in when they leave college. Naturally Shawston gave Melissa her first step into the business environment originally offering Melissa a part-time role in the Central Purchasing team.  Due to her natural ability and the ease at which she settled Melissa was very soon taken on in a full-time role within the department.

A move to the Head Office in Manchester saw Melissa become Head of Central Purchasing in 2019 where she now heads up a team of 3 people.  Her quick and accurate decision-making skills have come into play within her role where the fast-paced nature of the job eliminates the need for any internal red tape.

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Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time at Shawston?

Melissa on Mandy Collins
“Everything I have learnt has been through Mandy.”

“I could always ask her (Mandy) anything. She gave me advice that helped me do my job better.”

“Mandy is a force! She is definitely my work mum. Mandy is someone to look up to, she’s got the experience because she’s been through it all. You can always get good advice from her.”

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Shawston Family

Melissa on the Shawston Family
“The office is very much like an open forum. I can ask anything I want to and will always get great advice and support”

“I enjoy my job and what I do. It’s wonderful to have good people and a nice environment.”

“Shawston really care about their people. You get so much support from the top to the bottom, you wouldn’t get that anywhere else.”

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Tell us about your Shawston journey.

Joined Shawston in 2015 as a member of the Central Purchasing Team.

Became the Head of Central Purchasing in October 2019.

Heads up a team of 3 people at the Shawston Head Office in Manchester.

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