Certified Wood Blocks. Wood you know what that means?!

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Certified Wood Blocks. Wood you know what that means?!

Watch the video below as Graham Wilkins talks to us about the importance of FSC certification and why it’s an essential requirement when sourcing #woodblocks for your next project.

Our production facility at High Wycombe has benefited from a large investment, which has resulted in a workshop double its size. And what’s more the team are audited daily to ensure they check each block individually for quality, underlining our pledge to offer full traceability on EVERY wood block we produce.

This is massively important, because if a distributor without the required FSC certification purchases a FSC certified product from a manufacturer and resells it, they are then breaking the chain of custody. To be doubly sure, you can check registered companies at https://fsc.org/en/fsc-public-certificate-search.

All our FSC wood blocks can be supplied with a plain or foil faced finish, cut to non-standard sizes and we also offer a with fast turnaround “notching” out facility for trace heating applications. Add to that our wide range of complementary products such as Split Band Clips (Bossed and Un-bossed), U Bolts, Un-lined Clips, Bow Nuts and Eye Bolts there really isn’t any need to go anywhere else.