Lynda Turner

Internal Account Manager

A member of the Shawston team since the beginning Lynda has become one of the most popular members of the Shawston family.  Switching her career path from Purchase Ledger to Sales was the start of her brilliant journey into the fire team.  Fondly known as “Techno Turner” because of her unlimited technical knowledge of the fire market, Lynda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fold.

Currently carrying out the role of Key Account Custodian, Lynda spends her days liaising with buyers, planners and project leads whilst also researching into forthcoming projects for the Shawston sales team. Lynda is driven by a desire to win which is an infectious trait that is echoed throughout the whole business.

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Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time at Shawston?

Lynda on Rob, Graham, Mark and Michelle
“Rob has always been a great support to me throughout my time at Shawston.”

“Mark, Michelle and Graham have always given me the help that I needed. They have all always been there if I’ve need anything.”

“People have always spotted something in me and evolved a role around me. I’ve been quite lucky like that.”

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Shawston Family

Lynda on the Shawston Family
“They are good here at letting you find your own way and making you less reliant on other people.”

“There is a great culture here, everyone wants everyone to do well and that’s just the way it is.”

“I’ve seen Shawston grow, it’s a massive achievement when you look back. I was there through that; it makes me feel proud.”

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Tell us about your Shawston journey.

Joined Shawston when Rob bought the business in 2002

Started her career in Purchase Ledger but soon changed direction to become a vital member of the sales team.

Known as “Techno Turner” due to her extensive knowledge of the fire industry.

Is now Key Account Custodian – Fire which involves liaising with customers, researching potential projects, quoting and providing products for current building projects.

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