Tony Ellis

Fabrication Supervisor

Starting his working life at just 17 Tony began his career at Shawston as an Apprentice Fabricator. Gaining a wealth of experience in his 40 years’ service Tony has now become the master of his trade. Over the years Tony has made filbows, cleats, tapers and much more for a myriad of different projects all over the UK.

One of the longest standing members of the Shawston squad Tony has witnessed the Shawston business grow from 6 to 130 employees and has participated in the company’s employee-owned status too. A loyal, experienced and well-liked member of the team Tony has been a vital cog in the Shawston machine.

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Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time at Shawston?

Tony on Ray Clarke
“Quite a few people have influenced me over my time.”

“One person in particular I look towards for help when I need it is Ray Clarke. We’re a similar age and he’s always willing to lend a hand if I need it.”

“Ray is definitely the “go to” man in my eyes!”

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Shawston Family

Tony on the Shawston Family
“There are 3 of us in the team and Shawston are very good at letting us manage our schedule.”

“The culture around you is more important than money for me.”

“They trust you to get on with it, we operate in a culture of trust and that’s a massive bonus to working here.”

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Tell us about your Shawston journey.

Joined Shawston with its original owner back in the 1970’s.

Started his career at 17 as an Apprentice Fabricator to learn the ropes.

Has been with Shawston for 40 years and is one of the main fabricators in the business.

Trained many apprentices in his time at Shawston and has become the master.

Became a shareholder in 2016 when the business became employee owned.

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