Hannah Beddows

Credit Control Supervisor

In celebration of #nationalapprenticeshipweek Shawston have taken this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our apprentices and the positive impact they have on our business and our community. We checked in with Hannah Beddows to hear her thoughts on her apprenticeship with Shawston and how it kick-started her career in Credit Control.

Hannah’s reflections on her journey show not only the incredible support she has received from the Shawston team, but how her self-determination and self-discipline helped her to achieve success at the next level.

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Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time at Shawston?

Hannah on Mandy Collins
“I have got to where I am today - Credit Control Supervisor - with the ongoing support from Mandy Collins.”

“Mandy has been there through everything over these past 4 years both professionally and personally and if I can have half the work ethic she has, I’ll be happy.”

“Mandy has always pushed me to trust myself and my own judgement – what a fantastic mentor to have in my life.”

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What does Employee Ownership mean to you?

Hannah on Employee Ownership
“The business allows a lot of freedom in decision making which I believe helps you learn massively. If you are unable to make decisions and risk making some mistakes, you are never going to learn and progress. Also, because we are all co-owners, I firmly believe this helps to drive the decisions being made – we all want the business to be a success.”

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Tell us about your Shawston journey.

Started at Shawston Head Office in Denton as a Business Administrator Apprentice in 2019.

Completed Business Administrator Apprenticeship in March 2021.

Became full time Accounts Assistant with Shawston in 2021.

Celebrated a promotion to Credit Control Supervisor in November 2023

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