Jointing Compounds

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CODE Description
BOSSGREEN400g Tub of Boss Green
BOSSUNIVERSAL500g Tub of Boss Universal
BOSSWHITE400g Tub of Boss White
JETBLUEJet Blue Plus (500Ml)
COTTONTHRUMRoll of Cotton Thrum
COTTONTHRUM1KG1kg Spool of Cotton Thrum
GASTITE400g Gastite Jointing Compound
HEMPHank of Hemp
HEMP/SPOOLS80g Spool of Hemp
LOCTITE55Loctite 55 Sealing Cord 150m
LOCTITE577250ml Loctite 577
LOCTITE5775050ml Loctite 577
PLUMBERSMATEPlumbersmate 750g
SILICONEWWhite Silicone Sealant