Inertia Base


Inertia Bases are supplied in a flat pack form to allow ease of installation on site, but can be delivered assembled if required. These are supplied with spring mounts and all fixings required to assemble the Inertia Base.

We can calculate the size of the Inertia Base required. Please forward the pump details to our Sales Office. As standard the Inertia Bases are supplied either 150mm or 300mm deep.

Inertia Bases are supplied to provide no less than 1.5 : 1.0 Rate of inertia. As standard these bases are supplied with springs.

We can, if required supply these bases fully assembled and cast with a 24N mix of concrete.

We advise that PN16T Tied S-Flex Pump Flexibles are used for isolating vibration from pump connections.

Please Note:

Spring selection should be based upon equipment weight – we can advise on selection at time of ordering.

Plant and pipework can be loaded unevenly, therefore different spring loads may be required at different locations – again we can advise on selection at time of ordering.

Standard springs and housings are BZP with yellow passivate, other coatings can be offered for external use. Please advise if your application is external.

Springs when fitted should be loaded equally, installing one spring before another will lead to uneven load.