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Heavy Concentric Weld Reducers

Product Description

CWR020X015 20X15mm
CWR025X015 25X15mm
CWR025X020 25X20mm
CWR032X015 32X15mm
CWR032X020 32X20mm
CWR032X025 32X25mm
CWR040X015 40X15mm
CWR040X020 40X20mm
CWR040X025 40X25mm
CWR040X032 40X32mm
CWR050X015 50X15mm
CWR050X020 50X20mm
CWR050X025 50X25mm
CWR050X032 50X32mm
CWR050X040 50X40mm
CWR065X025 65X25mm
CWR065X032 65X32mm
CWR065X040 65X40mm
CWR065X050 65X50mm
CWR080X025 80X25mm
CWR080X032 80X32mm
CWR080X040 80X40mm
CWR080X050 80X50mm
CWR080X065 80X65mm
CWR100X025 100X25mm
CWR100X032 100X32mm
CWR100X040 100X40mm
CWR100X050 100X50mm
CWR100X065 100X65mm
CWR100X080 100X80mm
CWR125X050 125X50mm
CWR125X065 125X65mm
CWR125X080 125X80mm
CWR125X100 125X100mm
CWR150X050 150X50mm
CWR150X065 150X65mm
CWR150X080 150X80mm
CWR150X100 150X100mm
CWR150X125 150X125mm

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