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130R Reducing Tees – Galvanised

Product Description

G130R10X8 10mm x 8mm 240
G130R15X06 15mm x 6mm 160
G130R15X08 15mm x 8mm 160
G130R15X10 15mm x 10mm 160
G130R15X15X20 15mm x 15mm x 20mm 120
G130R20X08 20mm x 8mm 100
G130R20X10 20mm x 10mm 100
G130R20X15 20mm x 15mm 80
G130R20X15X20 20mm x 15mm x 20mm 80
G130R20X15X25 20mm x 15mm x 25mm 72
G130R20X20X25 20mm x 20mm x 25mm 80
G130R20X20X32 20mm x 20mm x 32mm 60
G130R25X10 25mm x 10mm 60
G130R25X15 25mm x 15mm 60
G130R25X15X25 25mm x 15mm x 25mm 60
G130R25X20 25mm x 20mm 48
G130R25X20X15 25mm x 20mm x 15mm 80
G130R25X20X20 25mm x 20mm x 20mm 60
G130R25X20X25 25mm x 20mm x 25mm 60
G130R25X25X32 25mm x 25mm x 32mm 44
G130R25X25X40 25mm x 25mm x 40mm 36
G130R25X25X50 25mm x 25mm x 50mm 24
G130R32X10 32mm x 10mm 40
G130R32X15 32mm x 15mm 40
G130R32X15X20 32mm x 15mm x 20mm 50
G130R32X15X32 32mm x 15mm x 32mm 40
G130R32X20 32mm x 20mm 40
G130R32X20X25 32mm x 20mm x 25mm 40
G130R32X20X32 32mm x 20mm x 32mm 40
G130R32X25 32mm x 25mm 40
G130R32X25X15 32mm x 25mm x 15mm 40
G130R32X25X20 32mm x 25mm x 20mm 40
G130R32X25X25 32mm x 25mm x 25mm 40
G130R32X25X32 32mm x 25mm x 32mm 30
G130R32X32X40 32mm x 32mm x 40mm 24
G130R32X32X50 32mm x 32mm x 50mm 24
G130R40X10 40mm x 10mm 36
G130R40X15 40mm x 15mm 36
G130R40X15X40 40mm x 15mm x 40mm 24
G130R40X20 40mm x 20mm 30
G130R40X20X25 40mm x 20mm x 25mm 24
G130R40X20X40 40mm x 20mm x 40mm 24
G130R40X25 40mm x 25mm 30
G130R40X25X25 40mm x 25mm x 25mm 30
G130R40X25X40 40mm x 25mm x 40mm 24
G130R40X32 40mm x 32mm 24
G130R40X32X15 40mm x 32mm x 15mm 24
G130R40X32X20 40mm x 32mm x 20mm 24
G130R40X32X25 40mm x 32mm x 25mm 24
G130R40X32X32 40mm x 32mm x 32mm 24
G130R40X32X40 40mm x 32mm x 40mm 24
G130R40X40X50 40mm x 40mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X15 50mm x 15mm 20
G130R50X15X50 50mm x 15mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X20 50mm x 20mm 20
G130R50X20X50 50mm x 20mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X25 50mm x 25mm 20
G130R50X25X25 50mm x 25mm x 25mm 24
G130R50X25X50 50mm x 25mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X32 50mm x 32mm 16
G130R50X32X25 50mm x 32mm x 25mm 16
G130R50X32X32 50mm x 32mm x 32mm 16
G130R50X32X40 50mm x 32mm x 40mm 16
G130R50X32X50 50mm x 32mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X40 50mm x 40mm 16
G130R50X40X15 50mm x 40mm x 15mm 20
G130R50X40X25 50mm x 40mm x 25mm 20
G130R50X40X32 50mm x 40mm x 32mm 20
G130R50X40X40 50mm x 40mm x 40mm 16
G130R50X40X50 50mm x 40mm x 50mm 16
G130R50X50X65 50mm x 50mm x 65mm 16
G130R65X15 65mm x 15mm 12
G130R65X20 65mm x 20mm 12
G130R65X25 65mm x 25mm 12
G130R65X32 65mm x 32mm 10
G130R65X40 65mm x 40mm 10
G130R65X40X65 65mm x 40mm x 65mm 10
G130R65X50 65mm x 50mm 8
G130R65X50X50 65mm x 50mm x 50mm 8
G130R65X50X65 65mm x 50mm x 65mm 8
G130R80X20 80mm x 20mm 6
G130R80X25 80mm x 25mm 6
G130R80X32 80mm x 32mm 6
G130R80X40 80mm x 40mm 6
G130R80X50 80mm x 50mm 6
G130R80X65 80mm x 65mm 6
G130R100X20 100mm x 20mm 4
G130R100X25 100mm x 25mm 4
G130R100X32 100mm x 32mm 4
G130R100X40 100mm x 40mm 4
G130R100X50 100mm x 50mm 3
G130R100X65 100mm x 65mm 3
G130R100X80 100mm x 80mm 2
G130R150X50 150mm x 50mm 1
G130R150X80 150mm x 80mm 1
G130R150X100 150mm x 100mm 1

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