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H FRAME FEET – Individual H Frame Feet Square & Round

Product Description

The H Frame foot is a convenient, adaptable and low-cost answer for supporting hardware & roof apparatus or the furnishings of a plant room. This may surround projects involving pipe work, duct work, cable trays and/or air conditioning equipment.

Shawston supply your strut separately, keeping the installation costs low, enabling you to fabricate your own H Frames on site. Available to accommodate 41x41 & 41x82 (Back to Back) channels. We can also cut your channel / unistrut to the required length. Where a greater load spread is required you can upgrade to a 500mm x 500mm square foot or for securing your Ductwork and light weight plant why not use our 12kg or 25kg foot for extra ballast.

One of the greatest features of this product, is that it is moulded as a ONE piece item; Therefore, no fiddly plastic inserts or awkward rubber pads are required. They are despatched as individual products, therefore, there is NO wasted packaging or assembly kits surplus to requirements during installation.

Material Specification

The rubber is milled, sieved & graded Styrene Butadiene rubber (Black SBR) in reclaimed truck/lorry tyre shred & granular form. Bound together using a 8% ratio of moisture curing Polyurethane Pre-Polymer UV Resistant Recycled Rubber.

Working Conditions

Range: -35°c to +80°c

RTSHF35041/50 H Frame Foot 350x350mm 41mm & 50mm Core 200 95 x 4 5.2
RTSHF35081/41 H Frame Foot 350x350mm 81mm x 41mm Back to Back 200 95 x 4 5.1
RTSHF35041/50/2.5 H Frame Foot 350x350mm @ 2.5° 41mm & 50mm Core 200 95 x 4 6.6
RTSHF35041/50/5 H Frame Foot 350x350mm @ 5° 41mm & 50mm Core 200 95 x 4 7.2
RTSHF35041/50/12KG H Frame Foot 350x350mm 12kg 41mm & 50mm Core 200 95 x 4 12
RTSHF500/41/50 H Frame Foot 500x500mm 41mm & 50mm Core 200 95 x 4 12.9
RTSHF500/41/50/2.5 H Frame Foot 500x500mm @ 2.5° 41mm & 50mm Core 250 160 x 4 16.1
RTSHF500/41/50/5 H Frame Foot 500x500mm @ 5° 41mm & 50mm Core 250 160 x 4 17.5
RTSHF500/41/50/25KG H Frame Foot 500x500mm 25kg 41mm & 50mm Core 250 160 x 4 25

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